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Ⅲ.Reading Comprehension

Directions:Read the following three passages.Each passage is followed by several questions or unfinished statements.For each of them mere are four choices marked A,B,C and D.Choose the one that fits best according to the information given in the passage you have just read.


Media alarms have been loud recently:Electronic commerce(电子商务)is in danger.A crime wave threatens to bring damage on the World Wide Web.Any web site is their target,no matter how big.

Predictably,officials in Washington responded feverishly as FBI antihacking squads(反黑客小组)moved into action.The unlucky firms were mostly huge players in ecommerce and news broadcasting,accustomed to always reaching large number of people.So,the attacks from the Internet is easy.“We are committed in every way to find out those who are responsible,”said the team leader.

Top judges are eager to catch the criminal who interferes with the computer systems of large companies.But there is no search for clues as to millions of American are excluded from big media if they happen to be poor.What about their right to be widely heard—through,TV,radio,newspapers or heavily trafficked web sites?Facing the danger of American business and government agencies,the hacker now making headlines are living dangerously.Their slight interference with the rights of companies to be widely heard is a definite no—no.Too bad we haven’t been able to speak against the social orders continual interference with the rights of poor people to be heard by the public.

In effect,unfairness exists in the American—style freedom of speech.Those with deep pockets enjoy its full of freedom in news media,those with empty pockets are pretty much beside the point;the constant blocking they face creates no headlines and sparks.

“The law,in its majestic equality,forbids the rich as well as the poor to sleep under bridges,to beg in the streets and to steal bread,” the writer Anatole Rance commented a century ago.Today,the media offers a similar kind of equality.

()20.The passage is mainly concerned with_________.

A.American business B.the media

C.the action of FBI D.the problem of hackers

()21.Attacks from the Internet is easy because_________.

A.the web site is designed to reach many people

B.the technique of hacking is easy

C.the FBI have not been doing their job properly

D.Internet itself is too big

()22.The 3rd and 4th paragraph implies that the hacking is_________.

A.caused by the judges who have wronged some people

B.due to large companies carelessness

C.due to the lack of right of speech of poor people through legal ways

D.caused by the fact that the hacked web sites have too many enemies

()23.The latter half of this passage is basically_________.

A.a continued discussion of Internet safety

B.a discussion of the freedom of speech of the U.S.

C.about business on the Internet

D.about FBI’s action


Computer programmer David Jones earns MYM35,000 a year designing new computer games,yet he cannot found a bank ready to let him have a credit card.Instead,he has been told to wait another two years,until he is 18.The 16 year old boy works for a small firm in Liverpool,where the problem of most young people of his age is finding a job.David’s firm releases(推出) two new games for the fast growing computer market each month.

But David’s biggest headache is what to do with his money.Even though he earns a lot,he cannot drive a car,take out a mortgage(抵押货款),or get credit cards.David got his job with the Liverpoolbased company four months ago,a year after leaving school with six O levels and working for a time in a computer shop.“I got the job because the people who run the firm knew I had already written some programs.” he said.David spends some of his money on records and clothes,and gives his mother 50 pounds a week.But most of his spare time is spent working.

“Unfortunately,computing was not part of our studies at school.” he said,“But I had been studying it in books and magazines for four years in my spare time.I knew what I wanted to do and never considered staying on at school.Most people in this business are fairly young,anyway.” David added:“I would like to earn a million and I suppose early retirement is a possibility.You never know when the market might disappear.”

()24.In which way is David different from people of his age?

A.He often goes out with friends.

B.He lives with his mother.

C.He has a handsome income.

D.He graduated with six Olevels.

()25.What is one of the problems that David is facing now?

A.He is too young to get a credit card.

B.He has no time to learn driving.

C.He has very little spare time.

D.He will soon lose his job.

()26.Why was David able to get the job in the company?

A.He had done well in all his exams.

B.He had written some computer programs.

C.He was good at playing computer games.

D.He had learnt to use computers at school.

()27.Why did David decide to leave school and start working?

A.He received lots of job offers.

B.He was eager to help his mother.

C.He lost interest in school studies.

D.He wanted to earn his own living.


Joe Biggs was a butcher.His shop was in a village in one of the most beautiful parts of southern England.He worked in it for many years while his father was there.Then,when his father reached the age of 65,he stopped working in the shop.Joe was alone in it,so he had to work harder.Joe worked five and a half days a week.His shop shut at one oclock on Thursday,and it was shut the whole of Sunday.Saturdays were the busiest days.

Joe had a big refrigerator in his shop,but he tried not to buy too much meat at a time.One Thursday a woman came into the shop at five minutes to one.“I’m sorry I’m very late,” she said,“but some people have just telephoned to say that they are going to come to dinner tonight,and I need some more meat.” Joe only had one piece of good meat in the shop.He had sold all the rest earlier in the day.He took the piece out and said to the woman.“This is £7.15.”“That piece is too small,” the woman answered.“Haven’t you got anything bigger?” Joe went into the room behind his shop,opened the refrigerator,put the piece of meat into it,took it out again and shut the door of the refrigerator with a lot of noise.Then he brought the piece of meat back to the woman and said,“This piece is bigger and more expensive.It’s £9.30.”“Good,” the woman answered with a smile.“Give me both of them,please.

() 28.Joe worked alone in the shop _________.

A.on Saturdays

B.on Thursdays

C.after his father died

D.after his father stopped working

() 29.Joe sold meat in his shop _________.

A.on Thursday afternoons

B.on Sundays

C.on Fridays

D.every day

() 30.One day a woman came to his shop _________.

A.at 1:55,Tuesday

B.at 1:05

C.to say sorry to him

D.because someone had suddenly telephoned her

() 31.Which of the following is true?

A.People bought all the meat from him.

B.The woman didn’t want the expensive piece of meat.

C.Joe brought the woman a different piece.

D.The woman wanted to buy the two pieces of meat together.

() 32.Joe only had one piece of good meat because _________.

A.Joe’s refrigerator had broken

B.he tried not to buy too much meat at a time

C.he knew that the meat would go bad

D.he had no money to buy more


It’s not easy being a teenager—nor is it easy being the parent of a teenager.You can make your child feel angry,hurt,or misunderstood by what you say without realizing it yourself.It is important to give your child the space he needs to grow while making him realize that you’ll still be there for him when he needs you.

Expect a lot from your child,just not everything.Except for health and safety problems,such as drug use or careless driving,consider everything else open to discussion,if your child is unwilling to discuss something,don’t insist he tell you what’s on his mind.The more you insist,the more likely that he’ll clam up.Instead,let him attempt to solve (解决) things by himself.At the same time,remind him that you’re always there for him if he seek advice or help.Show respect for your teenager’s privacy(隐私).Never read his mail or listen in on personal conversations.

Teach your teenager that the family phone is for the whole family.If your child talks on the family’s telephone for too long,tell him he can talk for 15 minutes,but then he must stay off the phone for at least an equal period of time.This frees up the line so that other family members can make and receive calls,teaches your teenager moderation(节制).Or if you are open to the idea,allow your teenager to have his own phone that he pays for with his own pocket money or a part time job.

()33.The main purpose of the text is to tell parents _________.

A.how to get along with a teenager B.how to respect a teenager

C.how to understand a teenager D.how to help a teenager grow up

()34.What does the phrase “clam up” in Paragraph 2 probably mean?

A.Become excited.B.Show respect.

C.Refuse to talk.D.Seek help.

()35.What should parents do in raising a teenager according to the text?

A.Not allow him to learn driving or take drugs.

B.Give him advice only when necessary.

C.Let him have his own telephone.

D.Not talk about personal things with him.


When I was going home to India last year,I called up my mother to ask if she wanted anything from China.

When India had not opened up its markets to the world,I carried suitcase loads of dark glasses and jeans.Thankfully,we can get all these anywhere in India now.

Still,her answer surprised me:“Green tea.”

As long as I can remember she didn’t even drink Indian tea.

I dutifully bought a big packet of Longjing and headed home to hear the story.My mother and her brother,both regular newspaper readers,believed that Chinese green tea was the wonder drug for all illnesses.

At the turn of the century,China was not really familiar to the average Indian.It was a strange country.

How things change! And how soon!

Now every town of any size seems to have a “China Market”.And everyone is talking about China.

The government of India has planned to send a team to China to see how things are done.A minister once said that India must open the doors for more foreign investment(投资) and such a step would “work wonders as it did for China”.

But it’s a two way street.I just heard about a thousand Shenzhen office workers who have gone to Rangalore to train in software.Meanwhile,all the IT majors are setting up a strong presence in China.

No wonder that trade,which was only in the millions just ten years ago,is expected to hit about USMYM15 billion for last year and USMYM20 billion by 2008,a goal set by both governments.

No wonder,my colleague wrote some weeks ago about this being the Sino Indian(中印)century as the two countries started on January 1,the Sino Indian Friendship Year.

But what is still a wonder to me is my mother drinking Chinese tea.

()36.Why did the mother ask for Chinese green tea?

A.She was tired of Indian tea.

B.She had a son working in China.

C.She believed it had a curing effect.

D.She was fond of Chinese products.

()37.What does the author mean by “it’s a two way street” in Paragraph 10?

A.China and India have different traffic rules.

B.Tea trade works wonders in both India and China.

C.Chinese products are popular in both China and India.

D.The exchanges between India and China benefit both.

()38.What do we know about the Indian IT industry?

A.It will move its head office to Shenzhen.

B.It is seeking further development in China.

C.It has attracted an investment of USMYM15 billion.

D.It caught up with the US IT industry in 2008.

()39.In the text the author expresses _________.

A.his concern for his mother’s health

B.his support for drinking Chinese green tea

C.his surprise at China’s recent development

D.his wonder at the growth of India’s IT industry


While the private schools may be charging too much,some of the publics are risking their futures by charging too little.Low tuition is fine,as the state assigns enough money to education,as has generally been the case in Texas and California.But for years,New Jersey’s legendary resistance to taxes condemned Rutgers University to second-class status.“Of what real worth is a low-tuition policy,” wrote Rutgers’ former president,the late Edward Bloustein,“If it dooms students to an education below the quality they want and require?”

New York State’s students might ask themselves the same.A series of protests pressured Governor Maria Cuomo into canceling a $200 rise in tuition last year (prices haven’t gone up since 1983).And what’s the result? Greatly-reduced budgets,shabby campuses,course restrictions,limited library hors and various new student fees.

The irony of New York and other state systems is that the percentage of higher-income students they serve is increasing at a phenomenal rate,says Arthur Hauptman of the American Council on Education.Given this changing population,more states should start playing the Robin Hood game increasing their sticker price,discounting rates to low-income students and using the rest of the money to raise the quality of their schools.

The middle-class melt and the betterment of public universities are still in their very earliest stages.But these trends will intensify as the children of the burdened boomers reach college age.For the academics,it’s a wake-up call.In the next century,they’ll have to be affordable and good.

40.According to some critics,the low-tuition policy of public universities might lead to _________.

A.the middle-class melt

B.a credit crisis

C.a decline in the quality of education

D.the enrollment of second-class students

41.Public universities reduce the tuition because _________.

A.they yield to the pressure of protesters

B.they get contributions from the rich

C.they get enough money from the state

D.they try to give lower-income students an opportunity

42.It can be inferred from the passage that _________.

A.private universities will join in the thrice competition

B.public universities have to withdraw from the price competition

C.rich students find ways of paying less by taking the advantage of the policy

D.rich students should be entitled to equal opportunities as poor students

43.In order to maintain their high quality at the stone time of opening the floor to low-income students,public universities have to _________.

A.enlist their students for some voluntary jobs

B.exert long-term effort to improve themselves

C.count upon the financial support from the government

D.increase the proportion of rich students and charge more from them

44.This passage is mainly about _________.

A.the Robin Hood game

B.ways of paying less for college education

C.difficult situation of public universities

D.financial aid to lower—income students


Ⅲ.Reading Comprehension





答案K :36—39C、D、B、C



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